Cedar Sandblasted Signs

A professional Sandblasted Cedar Signs will set your business miles apart from the ordinary!

Modern technology cannot duplicate the natural characteristics of western red cedar and a Sandblasted Sign made from it stands tall above the rest.

  • It is naturally resistant to moisture, decay and insects.
  • It can be exposed to rain, cold, sun and heat all year round with little effect.

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Cedar Sandblasted Signs Projects

Western Red Cedar

This natural beauty and durability, plus one more unique characteristic make the end sandblasted sign product stand out from all the rest. When exposed to the blasting sand, the wood will erode away in deep ridges as the tree grain alternates inconsistency. These stable ridges and valleys give the sandblasted sign an amazing depth and beauty and cannot be duplicated by any modern technology plus no other natural wood reacts this way.

Western Red Cedar is predominantly resin and pitch-free so it will accept finishes such as oils and stains readily and evenly. Its unfinished texture ranges from soft auburn, light and dark red as well as rich browns.

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