Gallery Canvas Wraps

A gallery wrap is a high-quality print on an artist’s canvas.

These canvases make a bold statement in a living room, a hallway, an office – you can hang these anywhere in your home!

Gallery wraps literally appear to ‘float’ on your wall as there’s no frame (there’s a light-wooden frame underneath the art!)

Perhaps the best part about gallery wraps is that they’re available in virtually any size.

Our smallest print is 8” x 10” and we can go right up to 12’ x 4’ – that’s big!

You can display photos as big as you’d like or we can print a series of photos for you to create a stunning collage that you can display over your family room sofa or your fireplace.

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Lighter than framed art and easy to hang.

Decorate your home or office with a gallery wrap.

You deserve more
than just a print job

Big custom print jobs require expertise and experience, which leaves you doubting how your large print or banner will turn out. You deserve the guidance it takes to make your large print the best it can be. We’re here to help.
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